The Best Gift for a Cancer Patient

Many people are affected by Cancer

Directly or Indirectly

According to The National Institute of Health, approximately 1500 people die each day in the United States due to cancer; another 3,400 people are diagnosed with cancer each day. With statistics like that you may be faced with the question, what is the best gift for a Cancer patient?

What to Give Me or Someone Like Me

The best gift you can give to a Cancer patient is your ear. Listening without interrupting, passing judgment or the classic “Me Too” were you try and top their problems, these do nothing but push people into silence. When someone is diagnosed you have to understand, having someone to listen, truly listen, is worth more than any fruit basket or flower arrangement.

What if I Can’t Listen?

You may not be the type of person to sit and listen and provide the compassion that they truly need, if you are this type of person there are still several ways to find and give a gift they can really benefit from, it can be as easy as asking the person or you may want to do some research. You can do a search in any of the popular search engines and come up with a list of companies that specialize in gifts for Cancer patients. I would take the search a little deeper and look for gifts specific for their type of cancer, for example, if someone has melanoma, which is skin cancer; depending on their treatment options they are receiving they may need a good skin cream to help keep the skin moisturized. You may want to find out what type of treatment they are receiving, this will also help you find the perfect gift for them. There are so many different options for treatment and stages of Cancer that a patient could be in, some people may not feel comfortable sharing this with you, if that is the case, go with the basics. After you find out what type of Cancer they have, you can then see what the basic treatment is and give a gift that can be appreciated more. You will feel better and so will the person receiving the gift.

I was diagnosed stage 3 Melanoma in 2007, stage 4 in April 2010; I dedicated this site to Cancer patients, their families and friends, loaded with information and gift ideas for cancer patients. I am also a B2B copywrtier you can reach me here

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