What have You Learned From Cancer?

People with Melanoma

Yes, I am one of those people with Melanoma, and there are many melanoma stories. I’m not here to convince you to stay out of the sun; I want you to enjoy it, safely, while you wear sunscreen and protective clothing.

Why Use Sunscreen?

I can’t believe how many people still ask this question, I ask “Why not use sunscreen?”

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It’s kind of like smoking cigarettes, and I did smoke when I was younger, back then we didn’t have the research and information that is available today, a lot of people started smoking because it was marketed as the right thing to do.  As more research was done on the effects of smoking and your health many individuals quit the habit.

We now have information to help us make good choices not only about smoking, but how to protect ourselves from the sun, and our most important asset our skin. I am not saying we quit enjoying the sun, I am saying we need to understand the dangers and take the necessary precautions to prevent Melanoma and the other forms of skin cancer.

You can read my Melanoma story by clicking here.

Check out some cool sun protective clothing it’s Stylish, comfortable UV protection clothing. Reliable, affordable, sun safe!

And don’t forget the sunscreen;some of my favorites are here Organic Skin and Hair Care Products

From Cancer I have learned to be a better person…

I wish I had learned this years before I was diagnosed…

Please share what you have learned or wish to learn…Leave a Comment Below.

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