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How To Honor a Melanoma Alumni

So, How Do You honor A Melanoma Alumni? With a memorial video of the Melanoma Alumni you love and miss, a direct tribute which can be shared and viewed for years to come. If the Melanoma Alumni is alive and is a survivor you can add pictures of family, children, and friends, creating a video […]

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To Yervoy Or Not To Yervoy?

That I the question I will have to answer within the next few weeks. It seems the tumor in my lung from Melanoma (stage IV Metastatic 2010) which had shrunk from the size of an orange from my IL2(Interleukin) treatments (38) down to the size of my fingernail, has decided to wake up and is growing again. So my […]

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You Have Responded Very Well To The Interleukin…Until Now

When it’s time for your routine Pet/CT scan you usually don’t think much about it, at least I usually don’t. I have been fighting Melanoma since 2007, I was given 6 months to live in 2010, went through Interleukin treatments and happened to be one of the lucky ones, a responder, my Melanoma tumors, which had […]

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Are ‘toxic teeth’ raising your cancer risk?

After all these years of wondering how I became a Melanoma patient, survivor (so far) and now having to explore more treatment options, it may all be related to the fillings in my mouth. Well at least having a better understanding of where the cancer may have come from makes you think a little more […]

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Hey Cancer…I don’t Sweat You!

Now you can show everyone you are not giving up the fight to Melanoma.

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