Hey Cancer…I don’t Sweat You!

Cover of "Rocky"

Cover of Rocky

I saw a picture from the movie “Rocky” a film about a boxer down out on his luck, it came out in the late 70″s, anyway, Rockies brother in law has an argument with Rocky and as Rocky is leaving he yells at him ‘I don’t sweat you!”.

It’s a classic line since Rocky could clearly beat the crap out of Paulie.

We all need to take Paulie’s attitude when it comes to fighting Cancer, in particular Melanoma. That’s why I have come out with my IPhone cases   check them out, they have my custom artwork and slogan on them, “Cancer patients Fight hard…Melanoma Patients Fight Harder”. Best of all you can show your support for someone fighting Melanoma and a portion of the sales proceeds goes to Melanoma research.

Melanoma IPhone Case

“Melanoma Patient’s Fight Harder”

Well I have not been able to post or update my site for a while do to another round with Cancer. I have been busy going for various tests and scans to determine if the Melanoma is acting up again.

I will be updating and adding more content about Melanoma and skin care products, as well as sun protection clothing. I have been looking for products that feel are worth promoting, products and clothing that will actually help you with your fight against Cancer. No hype, just my results and how they helped me with my battle against Melanoma since 2007.

If you have a favorite product or piece of clothing or maybe it’s just a special diet you follow, please let me know, I am sure there are plenty of readers out there that would love to hear from you, I know I would!

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