How To Survive Interleukin (iL2) Treatments

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I recently competed my fourth found of Interleukin (iL2) treatments. I can tell you it was not easy and I’m glad it’s over.

Here is how I survived my four weeks of treatment
Through the support of family and friends, when your shivering in your bed in the middle of the night after a round of Interleukin and you just can’t seem to get warm, having my wife their with me is what k

ept me going. Having my children at my side was a big inspiration, after all, my family needs me and I need them and that’s what keeps me going everyday.

Having The Right

Frame Of Mind
Don’t get me wrong, surviving Interleukin treatments not only takes the support of your family friends but you also need to have the right frame of mind. You need to keep positive thoughts in your mind. When the side effects start to take over your body and you just

want to quit, you need to keep your mind focused on as many good thoughts as you can and keep reminding yourself how the Interleukin is going to keep you and your family together.

That is how I survived my Interleukin (iL



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